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NGI Awards

Next Generation Internet

NGI Awards recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions to a better digital life. Following the NGI vision we aim to create an “INTERNET OF HUMAN VALUES – RESILIENT. TRUSTWORTHY. SUSTAINABLE.”

The overall mission of the Next Generation Internet initiative is to re-imagine and re-engineer the Internet for the third millennium and beyond.

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NGI AWARDS 2019 Jury

The NGI Awards jury comprises experts from all over Europe.

Prizes worth more than € 100,000

Paid research and scholarship
residence at Aarhus University,

Guest lectures from
NGI Move experts

Coaching by
NGI Move experts

Pitching your ideas
to investors

Business coaching
by NGI experts

Participation in and
promotion at 4YFN 2019

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Take part in the NGI Awards. EVERYBODY who is contributing to the NGI – companies, start-ups and non-profit organizations, researchers, teachers and students, municipalities and private communities, teams and individuals, investors and sponsors, philosophers and artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries etc. – can participate.

NGI Research and Education Awards

  • Interdisciplinary research ideas, concepts or results
  • Projects during BSc, Masters and PhD studies
  • Outstanding teaching activities for Masters and Bachelors courses
  • Inspirational school projects or courses

NGI Start-up Awards

  • Privacy and trust-enhancing technologies
  • Decentralized data governance
  • Discovery and identification

Culture of NGI Awards

  • Impactful tech solutions that meet community needs
  • Tools and procedures supporting diversity and inclusion
  • Data as human right
  • Disruptive technology culture drivers

NGI Initiative

Next Generation Internet

NGI is Europe’s new approach to creating a more human-centric internet. It invites citizens and communities striving for values like openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and data protection to provide input, and thus to help to guide the European Next Generation Internet funding agenda. NGI is a European Commission initiative which is being implemented by project partners throughout Europe.

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