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NGI AWARDS 2019 winners

We celebrate nine winners in three categories. These companies, start-ups and non-profit organizations, researchers, teachers and students, municipalities and private communities, teams and individuals, investors and sponsors, philosophers and artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries are definitly worth looking at.

R&E Awards:


  • Brilliant early career researcher: Christopher Frauenberger
  • Brilliant PhD / Masters Students: Masako Kitazaki
  • Outstanding University Masters and Bachelors Courses: Fabian Geier CODE Berlin

Culture Awards:


  • MyData – A Nordic Model for human-centered personal data management and processing
  • bridgit – Internet of Ideas Data as human right Global Citizens’ Debate on the Future of Internet
  • The Things Network – Building a global Internet of Things network together

Startup Awards


  • CryptPad: End-to-end-encrypted real-time collaborative editing
  • HypeLabs: SDK that connects everything, even without internet.

NGI Awards Ceremony at 4YFN

  • The NGI Awards Ceremony 2018 was celebrated the past February 25 within the framework of 4YFN

The NGI Awards 2018 celebrated nine winners in the categories of research & education, culture and startup awards. The ceremony was attended by several high-level representatives, such as Francesca Bria (Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer Barcelona), Stefano Foglietta (European Commission), as well as the project members.

Francesca Bria, Chief Technology Officer of Barcelona, in her institutional opening talked about the relevance of events like 4YFN and MWC19 to foster the growth of the technology and innovation ecosystem of the city, the involvement of citizens and communities in the process of moving forward to a better society. She also remarked about the importance of having technology that makes a positive impact on everyday life and aligns NGI project with Barcelona and finished by congratulating the nine award winners.

The awarded winners in the category of research & education were Christopher Frauenberg with COMPASS project, which sought to develop methods, processes, and tools that open up these spaces for negotiating opportunity spaces, meaning and agendas in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT); Masako Kitazaki, with her proposal for Connected Resources – Designing the Internet of Things (IoT) for older people’s resourcefulness, to add digital capabilities to their everyday coping strategies; and CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, with their course for bachelor students “WhatWouldItTake – Project” focused on what changes or actions would it take – on the technological, political and psychological level – to make privacy a real option for average users – without impeding basic services and the functionality of their devices.

For the culture awards category the winners were the project MyData which focuses on promoting the ethical use of personal data in all domains – business, legislation, technology, and society – and to defend digital human rights; Bridgit, a project that aims to decentralize links so that users can create smart links on any page that connects information on an idea-by-idea basis; Mission Publiques, a project that wants to position ordinary citizens as co-decision makers and co-designers of the future services, technology and innovations related to the digital society of t21st century; and The Things Network, a global end-to-end encrypted LoRaWAN Internet of Things network.

And finally, for the startups awards category the winners were CryptPad, an open-source, web-based suite of collaborative editors which employs client-side cryptography to ensure that the server is not able to access the contents of users’ documents; and HypeLabs with its product Hype SDK an interoperable cross-platform mesh networking software, that improves connectivity on all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop to IoT, allowing them to connect even when there is no internet.

Stefano Foglietta, Project Officer of the European Commission, did some closing remarks at the end of the ceremony around the topic of an Internet made for and by citizens and the engaging of innovators.

Finally, Katja Bego from Nesta and the NGI Forward invited the audience to learn about the NGI project and participate in the NGI Awards 2020.

The winners received prizes worth more than a €100,000, which included a paid research and scholarship residence at Aarhus University, Denmark; Guest lectures from NGI Move experts, Coaching from NGI Move experts, Business coaching by NGI experts, pitching the ideas to investors and participation and promotion at 4YFN 2019. The prizes were co-financed between the European Commission and the sponsors, among which are Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 4YFN, IoT Council, Dr. Manfred Aigner, Aarhus University, Yagoba, Futuribile, and Mangrovia.

Next Generation Internet is an initiative launched by the European Commission. Our mission is to re-imagine and re-engineer the internet for the third millennium and beyond, we want to enable human potential, mobility, and creativity at the largest possible scale – while dealing responsibly with our natural resources. In order to preserve and expand the European way of life, we shape a value-centric, human and inclusive Internet for all.

NGI Awards

Next Generation Internet

NGI Awards recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions to a better digital life. Following the NGI vision we aim to create an “INTERNET OF HUMAN VALUES – RESILIENT. TRUSTWORTHY. SUSTAINABLE.”

The overall mission of the Next Generation Internet initiative is to re-imagine and re-engineer the Internet for the third millennium and beyond.

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NGI AWARDS 2019 Jury

The NGI Awards jury comprises experts from all over Europe.

Prizes worth more than € 100,000

Paid research and scholarship
residence at Aarhus University,

Guest lectures from
NGI Move experts

Coaching by
NGI Move experts

Pitching your ideas
to investors

Business coaching
by NGI experts

Participation in and
promotion at 4YFN 2019

NGI Initiative

Next Generation Internet

NGI is Europe’s new approach to creating a more human-centric internet. It invites citizens and communities striving for values like openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and data protection to provide input, and thus to help to guide the European Next Generation Internet funding agenda. NGI is a European Commission initiative which is being implemented by project partners throughout Europe.

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