Culture Awards

Our aim:

A celebration of the most impactful European initiatives and individuals shaping a new culture around NGI.

We are looking for:

  • Impactful tech solutions to meet community needs
  • Tools and procedures supporting diversity and inclusion
  • Solutions promoting data governance for all
  • Disruptive technology culture drivers



+ Impactful tech solutions that meet community needs

Applicants/Nominees have implemented, or are currently implementing a technology solution that meets a community’s documented need. Initiatives must verify their impact through qualitative data and include a community of reference.


+ Tools and procedures supporting diversity and inclusion

Applicants/Nominees have developed a means to value diversity and facilitate the participation of everybody in our current technology-permeated age, regardless of identity (nationality, sex, gender, culture of reference…) and physical conformity to what is deemed “normal” (e.g. they work on accessibility, cyborgs rights, trans-humanism). The means employed for this can be tools (applications, technologies, objects), as well as procedures (corporate policies, platform policies).


+ Solutions promoting data governance for all

Applicants/Nominees are promoting an understanding of technology, and empowering non-experts in dealing with their data on private (social networks, applications…) and public services (healthcare, municipal services….)


+ Disruptive technology culture drivers

Applicants/Nominees are individuals who are actively creating a new culture around technology, e.g. journalists, artists, activists, independent researchers. Their work comprises the breaking of knowledge silos, questioning the status quo, proposing solutions, connecting disciplines, and targeting a diverse audience.

Valuable prizes

await the


  • Pitching your ideas to investors
  • Business coaching by NGI experts
  • Participation in and promotion at 4YFN

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