Research and Education Awards

Our aim:

A celebration of the brightest minds and most innovative teachers and educational institutions in Europe.

We are looking for:

  • Brilliant Early Career Researchers (currently holding a temporary or permanent position at a European University; PhD awarded no longer than 10 years ago)
  • Brilliant PhD / Masters Students (enrolled in a Masters or PhD programme at a European University or who recently graduated, i.e. no longer than 1 year ago)
  • Outstanding University Masters and Bachelors Courses
  • Outstanding Primary and Secondary Schools / School Teachers



+ Interdisciplinary research ideas, concepts or results

Applicants/Nominees have recently (no longer than 10 years ago) received a PhD in a topic related to the next generation internet and, since then, made outstanding interdisciplinary contributions to the field.


+ BSc, Masters and PhD projects

Applicants/Nominees are writing a PhD or Masters thesis, or graduated no longer than 1 year ago, and have shown outstanding potential and/or made contributions to interdisciplinary next generation internet research topics.


+ Outstanding teaching activities for Masters and Bachelors students

Applicants/Nominees are teachers of university Masters or Bachelors students who have incorporated aspects of NGI into their curricula to create inspirational course material that advances knowledge in the field from a technical, sociological or business perspective.


+ Inspiring school projects or courses

Applicants/Nominees are primary or secondary schools (identified via an individual), or teachers that are inspiring their students to think about the next generation internet, society, technology or policy.

Valuable prizes

await the


  • Paid research and scholarship residence at Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Guest lectures from NGI Move experts
  • Coaching by NGI Move experts
  • 4YFN

For more information about prizes and sponsorship opportunities:

Mirko Presser,


Find out the rules and regulations of the NGI awards here