Start-up Awards Winners

The NGI Start-up Awards recognize Europe’s most disruptive entrepreneurs who are advancing revolutionary products, solutions and services destined to have a major impact on the internet of the future.

+ CryptPad: End-to-end-encrypted real-time collaborative editing

We built CryptPad to show how far a team can go to empower users and increase their expectation of privacy from online services. While it was previously accepted that collaborative editing meant sacrificing confidentiality, we’ve not only proven that private editing is possible, but we’ve made our entire platform open source to ensure that this technology remains available.

CryptPad is an open-source, web-based suite of collaborative editors which employs client-side cryptography to ensure that the server is not able to access the contents of users’ documents.

CryptPad offers a variety of editors and other multi-user applications: rich text, code editing with syntax highlighting and markdown preview, presentations, polls for scheduling, kanbans for project management, and whiteboards for collaborative illustration.

Additionally, users are able to store and organize their documents through their CryptDrive: an encrypted file-system interface with nested folders and drag-and-drop (encrypted) file uploads.

Encryption keys are generated client-side, and embedded in the fragment identifier portion of a document’s URL, which is never shared with the server (as per the HTTP specification). To share a document, users simply share its URL.

+ HypeLabs: SDK that connects everything, even without internet

HypeLabs’ product is the Hype SDK, an interoperable cross-platform mesh networking software, that improves connectivity on all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop to IoT, allowing them to connect even when there is no internet.
It works by connecting these devices in local networks using existing connectivity technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Lora, the Internet and others. The resultant network enables content to hop between devices, until it reaches a destination or an Internet exit point, thereby improving range and deliverability.

Connectivity enables growth and learning. Therefore, the company’s motto is to minimise the current gap between developed and developing countries, regarding the ways in which people connect and access information.
On a global scale, HypeLabs wants to inspire new creations based on connectivity, such as file sharing and social interaction. It is our belief that Hype is a great software to provide this revolution in connectivity. Our desire is a more connected future, a future filled with more reliable, secure, affordable connectivity.

Carlos Lei Santos